Belgium: 60% immigrants by 2060

Belgium: 60% immigrants by 2060

Via VRT:

An immigration report by think-tank Itinera says that 25% of the people in Belgium have at least one parent born abroad.

Half a million people immigrated to Belgium in the last decade, 4.5% of the population.  "There total there are about 10% foreigners, 7.5% Belgians of immigrant origin and 7.5% are 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants," says researcher Laurent Hanseeuw.  "That doesn't mean that those 25% aren't Belgians, but it's always interesting to show that the proportion is much greater than 50 years ago, and that it will certainly grow."

According to official figures, just 3% are registered as foreigners.  Itinera says that because so many people are cut from those figures, there's is a systematic under-estimation

"Our country has become a true migration nation," says Hanseeuw.  "By 2060, 60% of the population will be of foreign origin."  But the immigration policy is not prepared for it.

Hanseeuw says the policy too often concentrates on immigrants who have just arrived.  An integration policy that falls short.  "If you see the figures, there should be a more horizontal policy for almost all Belgians, instead of the small target group which is currently reached.  It's important to find a broad consensus about how we can live together in our country."

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