Prague: International conference on Islamic banking

Prague: International conference on Islamic banking

Via Radio Praha:
Islamic banking is today the fastest growing segment of the financial system, and is also considered a more honest and fairer alternative to conventional banking. Cihad Erginay is the Turkish ambassador to Prague, and head of the local group of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation which organized the event.

“There was great interest on the subject from our Czech colleagues, Czech bankers and journalists who kept asking us about it and expressed their interest because they saw that Islamic banks were not as affected by the economic crisis that we see today. That led us to think that it could be interesting to organize such a conference. And as you can see from the participation, there is great interest in the subject.”  


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Islam provides best solutions in every aspect of life. If the Islamic financial and banking system is implemented throughout the world then financial crises can be avoided. The growth of Islamic Banking indicates that it is the best banking system. Thanks