Macedonia: Albanians Protest Police Arrests

Macedonia: Albanians Protest Police Arrests

Via Balkan Insight:

About a thousand mainly young Albanians gathered for the protest in Skopje’s Cair municipality after the end of midday prayers in Skopje’s Jaja Pasha Mosque.

Chanting “Allah is great”, “Those who don’t protest are traitors” and “We will not allow rigged trials”, the group started by marching towards the Skopje court building, heading later towards the government building, demanding the release of all ethnic Albanians detained in Tuesday’s police action.

“I am here to express my revolt against the police arrests of innocent Albanians,” one youth told Balkan Insight.

“Albanians are not terrorists but there will be trouble as long as the Macedonian police treat them as such,” another said.


Some of the protestors held the black Jihad flag.

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