April fool's

A bit late, but here's a few April fool's stories that appeared this year:

Mosque found under Oslo Cathedral - Islam.no reported that a mosque had been found under Oslo Cathedral, leading people to reconsider Islam's role in Norwegian history. No comment yet on how this would affect demands to reinstate the Caliphate in Norway ( Islam.no, Norwegian, appeared to have been removed)

First minaret in Sweden - Sweden Radio reported that the city of Västerås allowed the Muslim community to use its city tower as a minaret, sounding out the call to prayer five times a day. Non-Muslims can join if they wish. ( Sveriges Radio, Swedish)

The Bergen Mosque - Norway's TV2 reported that the battle around Bergen's mosque has finally been solved. With a large donation, a restaurant overlooking the city had been bought to be used as a mosque. The calls to prayer would use loudspeakers, but wouldn't be heard at the city center. Parking might be a problem, though. ( TV2, Norwegian)

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