Denmark: DPP responds with UN imam complaint

Denmark: DPP responds with UN imam complaint

A Danish organization recently turned to the UN against the Danish People's Party  (DPP) for comparing Muslims to Nazis.  In response, the DPP is lodging a complaint against one of the imams involved in the complaint.


The Danish People's Party EU spokesperson Morten Messerschmidt is now taking the unsuual step of complaining to the UN that imam Abdul Wahid Petersen justifies stoning as part of Islamic law.

"In essence I think that it's somewhat foolish to have political issues decided by the courts and the UN.  But when it's gone so far, then I think that he should taste a little of his own medicine.  In any case, the UN's HUman Right Commissioner should know that there's a man who justifies stoning who's responsible for the complaint," says Morten Messerschmidt.

In the complaint to the UN's High Commissioner for Human Rightsm, Navanethem Pillay, Morten Messerschmidt says that even if Abdul Wahid Petersen opposed stoning as a form of punishment in 2002, he explained then that it doesn't change the fact that "seen in the Islamic light it's been ordained by the Creater himself," and man is therefore not "authorized" to change it on their own.

"If you agree with the assesement that stoning violates human rights, I would like to have your opinion on this public statement and their effect on the public debate and effect on integration of Muslim minorities in Danish society," writes Morten Messerschmidt to Navanethem Pillay.

The former South-African judge previously worked for woman's rights in her homeland and was the first black woman appointed to the supreme court in South Africa.

The DRC (Documentation and Counseling Center on Race Discrimination) on behalf of several Danish Muslims, including Abdul Wahid Petersen, complained to the UN that DPP party chairwoman Pia Kjærsgaard among others compared Muslims to Nazis and the headscarf to the Swastika.

Sources: Jyllands-Posten (Danish), h/t Hodja

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