Austria: Reform of Islam lessons

Austria: Reform of Islam lessons

Austrias politicans and the Islamic community decided to reform Islam lessons in Austrian schools. Some days ago the outrage of politicans and medias was enourmos, when a new study reavealed that a high percentage of Islam teachers in Austrian schools are against democracy.

Even the Greens show themselfes very satisfied about such a decision. "The reorganization was long overdue", says the chairwoman of the Green party in Vienna Maria Vassilakou. It was the Socialdemocratic Education Secretary Schmied who made the rules of the new law.

Also an official schoolbook for Islamic lessons had to be banned from the schools. The book glamorized suicide bombers.

The Greens also demand that Islam teachers should have a mandatory nationalized education before they start to teach young muslims in Austrian schools. All courses of instruction and materials should be checked thoroughly.


Source: Austrian News (English)

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