Denmark: PM to ghetto youth 'stop whining'

Denmark: PM to ghetto youth 'stop whining'

The Danish PM mentioned the young rioters of the social housing projects during the Liberal Party convention this weekend.

"To your youth I'll say: you are not being persecuted. Stop whining and seeing yourselves as victims. You are citizens on equal footing with the rest of us. And as citizens in Denmark you have a responsibility for your life," Lars Løkke Rasmussen said in his speech at the Odense Congress Center.

He discussed the government's ghetto-plan and his recent visit to the some of the social housing projects, including Tåstrupgård (Copenhagen), where the PM said that he saw a sign saying "Welcome to Hell".

The PM rejected that description outright. He also said that everybody has good opportunities in Denmark, regardless of whether you come from "Virum, Vorbasse or Vollsmose"

"Have a little self-respect. And show a little self-respect for the country that you and your parents have chosen to be a part of. Then we'll also respect you."

Source: Berlingske Tidende (Danish)