Sweden/UK: Bomber's widow posted suicide message online

Sweden/UK: Bomber's widow posted suicide message online

(Interview on Swedish TV)

In another interview the recent widow said (h/t Jihad Watch): "Some people said Taimour is a martyr. I don't know whether he is or he isn't. All I can say is that I totally condemn terrorism."

In plain English: she doesn't know whether he's a hero or not, but she's 'totally condemning' whatever it is he did. And now, it turns out she posted her husband's last message on YouTube, where he threatens to kill Swedish children, just so people will know why he blew himself up. Again, she condemns his actions.

Via the Local:
The widow of the Stockholm suicide bomber said Tuesday that she had posted an audio recording on website YouTube of her husband after he blew himself up in an attempt to target Christmas shoppers.

"I felt it was painful to tell the story over and over again. Naively I thought people were interested in knowing the truth -- why he did it -- so I put that up on his YouTube channel," suicide bomber Taimour Abdulwahab's widow, Mona Thwany, told Sweden's TV4 television in an interview.

"I do condemn his actions and I do condemn any terrorism. If I knew what he was going to do I would have stopped him," said Thwany, who lives with their three children in Britain.