Netherlands: New Moroccan-Dutch women's magazine

Netherlands: New Moroccan-Dutch women's magazine

(Hoda Hamdaoui with the first edition of de Hoda)

Via RTV Utrecht (Dutch):

The Netherlands now has a new women's magazine. De Hoda is a lifestyle magazine for Moroccan-Dutch women about beauty, fashion, traveling and cooking.

Chief editor Hoda Hamdaoui of Veenendaal says that Moroccan women want to read different articles than ethnic Dutch, because they have different customs.

Make-up and clothing for work and school is essentially different than those for Moroccan parties, she says. She says she lacks this type of information in the already existing women's magazines.

The first edition of De Hoda is small, but if it's up to Hamdaoui, the magazine will be much bigger. It's currently published as a quarterly, but the chief editor wants to make it a monthly in a few years.

The magazine, which costs 4 euro, is available online and in various kiosks in Utrecht and Veenendaal.