Norway: Breivik delayed by Muslim truck driver

Norway: Breivik delayed by Muslim truck driver

Via VG (Norwegian):

On July 22nd, 2:18pm, Mohamed (20) was driving a Bata Transport delivery truck full of TVs from Oslo to Drammen. On the way he lost control of the truck, hit the highway barrier and ended up in the middle of the E18.

Cleanup work took a long time, leading to long traffic jams. One of the people held up in the traffic jam was Anders Behring Breivik. Breivik told police interrogators that was delayed both on the way to Oslo and later when he drove to Utøya.

Mohamed's accident probably saved the lives of government employees. During the summer the ministry employees finish work at 3pm. By the time Breivik got to Oslo and detonated his bomb, it was already 3.25pm, and just 190 of the 1600 employees were still at work. Breivik also had problems getting out of Oslo. He had intended to kill former Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, who met with the youth on the island, but she left before he got there.

Mohamed was meanwhile brought to the emergency room. When he head of the terror attacks, he was concerned. Is this the work of Islamists? What will the Norwegians think? What will life be for Muslims after this?

Mohamed, who was not eager to be interviewed, says it took him a few days to realize his accident delayed the terrorist. "Now I'm glad that I crashed. If it means that a life was saved, it's the the best that could have happened," he says.