UK: Do I have to answer all the questions?

Western Resistance reports that the UK teacher who refused to remove her niquab had been fired.
What I found most interesting was this TV interview with the woman. The sound quality is not so good, but it's pretty easy to follow.

She at first refused to answer the interviewer's question as to whether she was veiled in the job interview, which was conducted by a male interviewer.

"Do I have to answer all the questions?"

Really, why should she? Nobody is forcing her to appear on TV, nobody is forcing her to answer questions, nobody is forcing her to work in a non-segregated school, nobody is forcing her to wear a niquab or to walk without one. She lives in a completely free society, luckily for her. And we're free to draw our own conclusions too.

She seemed shocked at the very idea of working in a segregated or Muslim school.. why should she not work with male colleagues? One wonders.

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