Lebanon: Hassan Nasrallah wants to move to Belgium

Last summer, during the Israel-Hizbullah war, the Israeli army arrested a Lebanese store owner by the name of Hassan Nasrallah, together with four other family members. After 21 days in captivity he was finally released to the International Red Cross and brought back home.

In a recent interview with the Assafir newspaper in Lebanon and the Al-Bayan newspaper in the UAE, Nasrallah describes his experiences. During his captivity he was questioned five hours a day. He says he was not tortured, but that he was psychologically pressured and the soldiers had told him Lebanon had been destroyed by nuclear weapons. He also declares his wish to emigrate, to Belgium.


Now, a year after the war, all Nasrallah wants is to leave Lebanon and start a new life abroad. "I'm tired," he says. "I want to emigrate. My heart is in Lebanon, but the civil war is difficult. I want to emigrate to Belgium." His 13-year old son, Muhammad, has a completely different future in mind for himself. He dreams of signing up to the Lebanese army in order to fight Israel, which he whole-heartedly loathes.

Source: NRG (Hebrew)

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