Netherlands: Support for ex-Muslims

Freedom to leave one's religion does appear in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.  Apparently, it's already part of the consensus.

Prominent Labour PvdA member Jos de Beus, professor of political science, has joined the support committee for ex-Muslims, as have columnist Theodor Holman, philosopher Paul Cliteur and at least 11 other well-known Dutch people.

The support committee – affiliated with the committee for ex-Muslims chaired by Ehsan Jami, under extra security since an attack just a week and a half ago – plans to ask 150 people, including the faction leaders in Parliament, to sign a statement soon. De Beus – an open critic of his own party – thinks that this topic is one that all parties should be concerned about.

"I want to make one simple point: everyone should be able to believe what they like, and anyone who wants to stop believing should be able to do so freely and safely. I don't think is a little game on the part of neoconservatives. It should be a part of the consensus in Europe."

Source: Expatica (English)


Anonymous said...

NOT ONE MUSLIM STATE signed the UN Universal
Declaration of Human Rights.....

FreeSpeech said...


That's not so.

But: All of the muslim states signed the
Cairo Declaration of Human Rights

Anonymous said...

"Cairo Declaration of Human Rights" is stricly religious declaration, it doesn't have much in common with Human Rights.

Anonymous said...

The Cairo declaration of Human Rights is a joke. All the Human rights are only allowed if they are compatible with Sharia law. Which means no rights at all unless you are a muslim. They should have called it the Cairo declaration of Dhimmi Rights.