Netherlands: Jami has taken things too far

Co-founder of the committee for ex-Muslims Loubna Berrada thinks that Ehsan Jami has taken it too far with his comments on Islam. She says this in the AD on Thursday. "It was much too extreme and his comments put us in danger. Not only him, but me too."

The committee stands up for the right for every individual to choose his own faith or turn away from his religion. Jami has been assaulted in the last few months and has received death threats. He has been under extra protection for just over a week now.

"In the beginning phase we planned just to give three interviews, but before I knew it he had given thirty. He had called the Koran backwards, and the prophet Mohammed a criminal. He just kept on going. I didn't know what he was doing. You don't create any support doing that, you just make people angry," says Berrada.

She decided to resign from the committee, but changed her mind a day later because she feels its purpose is so important. "But then I heard that I was no longer welcome. Perhaps my statements are too nuanced, I don't know. I've not been able to contact Ehsan since so I can't ask him."

Berrada feels that Ehsan insults people who are Muslim. "He is also causing my family, who are still Muslim, a great deal of pain. Besides it is all just about him now."

Source: Expatica (English)

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FreeSpeech said...

Whatever Jami Ehsan said will never justify threats against him.

Harsh criticism of religion is a human right.

Leaving Islam will always insult those who stay with Islam. You can't eat the cake an have it.