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For almost two years now I've been bringing you news about the Muslim community in Europe. Though many of my posts are translations from the popular news media, I also read up on the current research and debate. Some books and studies I have summarized here on my blog, others have given me new insights into the news I bring.

This blog is a hobby and I enjoy the hours I put into it. The internet enables me free access to news and a free site to post my blog. My main problem is acquiring the books I would like to read.

I recently acquired several new books such as 'Londonistan', 'Western Muslims and the Future of Islam' and 'Muslims in Western Europe'. However, there are many more books I would like to read. Some of the books on my wish list are: 'While Europe Slept', 'Islam - Europe's Second Religion' and 'The Islamic Challenge', as well as 'Marokkanendrama', 'Undercover in Klein Marokko' and 'Islamister og Naivister', among others.

Reading these books is important to me, as they give me a broader perspective on the topics I write about as well as access to data about the Muslim communities in Europe. This directly affects the reliability of my posts.

If you enjoy reading this blog I hope you will contribute in maintaining its level. It is very easy to do through the Amazon Gift Certificate service. Simply follow the link below and send an email gift certificate to

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Safi said...

I enjoy reading your blog and gaining insight into the Muslim experience in Europe.

May Allah reward you with blessings in your endeavors.


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