BREAKING: Dead, wounded in attack in Liege (UPDATE: Jailbreak attempt)

BREAKING: Dead, wounded in attack in Liege

Update 4:

Attacker Nordine Amrani is 32, and has Belgian citizenship. In 2008 he was sent to jail, after police found dozens of weapons and weapon parts by him, including a rocket launcher and AK-47. The police had also found 2,8000 marijuana plants in his house. Police say there's no link between the attack and terrorist groups or the court case which was in progress in the Liege court. According to a Sudppresse journalist, police conducted a search of his house today, and he was supposed to appear in court.

Amrani was killed during the attack, apparently by suicide. He killed three other people, including two teenagers, and wounded 75.

Based on his name, he's apparently Moroccan.

Update 3:

According to latest reports, Nordine Amrani was the only attacker.

Update 2:

Amrani was killed in the attack. A 40 year old woman who was throwing grenades was also killed (either suicide or by the police).


Apparently the Pakistani honor-murder revenge attack theory is wrong. One of the attackers was identified as Nordine Amrani (29). Amrani had been sentenced to 58 months for weapons and drug-trading. The attack seems to have been part of a jailbreak attempt.

The Guardian is live blogging.

The attack is linked to a jail-break. According to Dutch news-site AD, the attack might be linked to a recent honor murder trial. Yesterday four members of the Pakistani Sheikh family were sentenced for the murder of Saida Sheikh. Brother Mudusar was sentenced to 15 years, father Mahmood Tariq to 25, the mother got 20 years and sister Sariya got five years. During sentencing the court received a phone call from a Pakistani organization threatening an attack on the courts in Brussels and Charleroi.

Other sources say the attackers have a drug-crime history.