Netherlands: 117 attacks on mosques in 6 years

Netherlands: 117 attacks on mosques in 6 years

Via Telegraaf (Dutch):

There were 117 incidents of anti-Muslim attacks on mosques in the Netherlands in the years 2005-2010. There were 43 cases of graffiti and 37 cases of vandalism.

Researcher Ineke van der Valk studied Islamophobic violence for the Euro-Mediterranean Migration and Development Center (EMCEMO). Her findings will be published in January in the book "Islamophobia and Discrimination".

In 99 incidents the culprits were not found. The incidents are difficult to solve, since the "culprits don't leave a signature," says Van der Valk. Violence against mosques is relatively rare in the big cities, though relatively many Muslims live there, says the researcher.

The Discrimination Internet hotline also gets regular reports of racist statements against Muslims. A spokesperson said that by Friday there were 317 reports of "hate against Muslims", which made up 20% of the total number of reports this year.