Netherlands: MPs against 'pedophile imam'

Netherlands: MPs against 'pedophile imam'

Via Volkskrant, Elsevier (Dutch):

MPs Ahmed Marcouch and Kadija Arib (PvdA/Labour) are asking the government to deny imam Mohammed al-Maghraoui of Morocco a visa to the Netherlands. Al-Maghraoui was invited to a conference in the Hague by the As Soennah mosque. In honor of its new construction the mosque is organizing a 5-day Arabic conference on "the Muslim between steadfastness and temptation".

In 2008 Al-Maghraoui published a fatwa authorizing marriages with 9-year old girls. The fatwa caused an uproar in Morocco, where such marriages are illegal.

Moroccan-Dutch women in the Hague are unhappy about the imam's arrival and do not understand why the municipality is allowing an imam who encourages pedophilia to come and preach ideas which conflict with Dutch law.

The PVV joined the Labour request to ban the imam, and said that if he does indeed come, the mosque should be shut down.

MP Tofik Dibi (Greens) came out in support of the imam's freedom of speech and said that 'causing repulsiveness and disgust' are not reason to deny a visa.