Malmö: Jews march against antisemitism

Malmö: Jews march against antisemitism

Via Världen Idag (Swedish, h/t JIHAD I MALMÖ):

A small group of Jews marched in Malmö last Saturday against antisemitism. The Jews walked the kilometer from the synagogue to Malmö's Triangle square wearing kippahs and Stars of Davids.

Fredrik Sieradzki, spokesperson for the Jewish community, said it was not a demonstration as such, but that they walked with Jewish symbols to show that they don't accept the antisemitic trends in Malmö. This was the first time that the Jewish community decided to show that they don't accept the current situation. The walk was the idea of a community member, and information about it was spread by word of mouth, which might explain why just 14 people joined.

In October Världen idag reported the story of Rabbi Shneur Kesselman, who says he's harassed almost every day. It's unusual for the 'normal' Jew to be harassed like that, and Fredrik Sieradzki himself says he's never experienced something like that. But this doesn't mean that it doesn't happen.

During the Jewish High Holy Days, a women on her way to synagogue was harassed by a young man. The case was reported to the police, as is now done with every similar incident.

Fredrik Sieradzki says that embarrassments take places in places where one's Jewish identity is known, and particularly affect the school children.

To the question what's behind the harassment, he answers without hesitation: "It's exclusively Muslims. We have a problem in Malmö: there are Muslims who don't like Jews. It's something the media choose to hide. It's considered politically incorrect to speak of it, and they're afraid to appear racist. But one should tell the truth."

He does emphasize that one shouldn't generalize about all Muslims in Malmö. Just a small group is involved. Other Muslims support Jews and the Islamic Center had expressed it's abhorrence of antisemitism.