Antwerp: Agreement on Eid ul-Adha date

Muslims in Antwerp have reached an agreement on the exact date of Eid ul-Adha. The Muslim holiday will start in Antwerp December 20th, as ordained by the Muslim Executive.

The city said it was content with the agreement of the Muslim community. Turks and Moroccans have carried on discussions about the precise date for Eid ul-Adha. A majority of the Turkish community wanted to follow the Muslim Executive decision to celebrate it on the 20th. The Moroccan community opted for following instructions from Mecca, and celebrating it on the 19th.

Various Antwerp imams met together and finally decided to celebrate it on the 20th. On that day Antwerp will open a temporary slaughterhouse, the biggest in Flanders. In total about 6,000 Antwerp Muslim families are expected to celebrate the holiday in a traditional way. The city does expect less Muslims to make use of the slaughter possibilities. Due to the timing of the holiday, just before the vacation, many Muslims are traveling to their family abroad.
Consensus about Eid ul-Adha date
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Source: Rorate (Dutch)

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