Denmark: Osama Christmas cheer

Osama bin Laden is spreading Christmas cheer around Denmark.

Newspaper Metro Xpress advertised an Osama 'Christmas Elf', as part of a series featuring Danish politicians and celebrities.

On Yallahrup Færgeby, DR2's Christmas show, the neighborhood terrorist Abu Babu sings a song dedicated to the master terrorist.

There are so many who think that people are crabby and sad
Just because they happens to be a fundamentalist
Now, there's nothing that can be more wrong
Come to me, small boy, don't be shy

Just because a man has married Allah
Doesn't mean he must be ugly and wear glasses
A man can easily do things on his own
Even if he is going out to kill the innocent

If you see Osama, give him a hug
Not knock with a hammer or tighten the chains
There is something that encourages happiness and brings smiles
Give a hug

There are so many who think people are serious
That we always go to bath and smell bad
I think haha, just that they know
How much grins and foolery man has
When he's a fundamentalist

Do you know how much time I've put into
Shaving my body just so beautifully
A little rouge on the cheeks and a bit of gloss
It's good to look good when a person goes out to kill

I stand now and ask for a hug
So come here my friend and count down
Four, three, two, *bum* one!

Bim bam bum, the infidel is stupid.
Bum bim bam I think I'll bomb him

Source: Metro Xpress h/t Mitt Sverige (Swedish)

Thanks to Hodja for the help in translation

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