The Moses Crisis

Warning: There's no real connection between this story and reality.

An Israeli academic will be stripped of his credentials, the Israeli education ministry decided today. The move followed several days of riots across the Jewish country with thousands coming out into the streets to demand the academic apologize for saying our Rabbi Moses and the Children of Israel were stoned when receiving the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. (see here)

"As the Middle East's only democratic state, we understand the necessity of academic freedom," said an Israeli education ministry spokesperson, "but even academics need to understand that there is a limit when insulting one's basic religious values." He added that Our Rabbi Moses was a revered figure in Jewish thought. 'Rabbi' is an ancient Hebrew word meaning 'teacher'.

Benny Shanon had published the study in the philosophy journal Time and Mind, based on his own dubious experiences with taking drugs. 100 Israeli parliamentarians participated in a protest march yesterday, demanding Shanon be punished for insulting the Jewish people, Our Rabbi Moses, and for causing such disorder.

Shanon is currently under arrest.

The story was republished by newspapers across the world with such headlines as "Moses: Let my people get high?" and "No wonder they wandered 40 years in the desert", setting off protests in various Jewish communities in the West as well. In Denmark moderate Jews marched through the streets of Copenhagen, demanding respect for their religious beliefs. "We're all for freedom of the press, but there must be a point where decency triumphs."

In France, local Jews converged around the Israeli embassy in a peaceful vigil. A local Jewish leader was quoted saying that in these tense times it is irresponsible for such studies to be published. "We're a peaceful people and a peaceful religion, this is an antisemitic attack against us."

Tensions increased in the Netherlands, where a Dutch politician planning to come out with a movie revealing 'the truth' about Our Rabbi Moses, was placed under house arrest by the authorities, for his protection. The movie soon to come out will reveal that Moses stuttered and was a wanted felon in the land of Egypt. In recent months the proposed movie had come under increasing attacks from both politicians and intellectuals, due to its (supposedly) highly volatile content.

Jews in the Netherlands had announced that they support freedom of speech, but had hinted they might not be able to stop the community's youth from displaying their anger, should the movie come out. Police were out in full force today to prevent any violence.

In Belgium the Jewish community was given unexpected support from a leading intellectual who said it was up to the Jewish community to pressure Israel to fall in line with the demands of the religious factions. "Such blatant disregard for academic freedom would of course be nonsensical in a Western modern country such as Belgium, but we expect Israel to uphold a higher standard. It's completely understandable that Jews who had been insulted would riot in the streets, burn flags and demand justice. How can anybody say academic freedom is more important?"


Anonymous said...

Where is Hebraic Rage Boy when you need him?

Gary Fouse said...

In the wake of the latest massacre of innocent Israeli civilians at the hands of a Palestinian terrorist, I think it is time that we as Americans, and, indeed, the rest of the civilized world come to some pretty hard conclusions about the Palestinians.

For decades now, the US has tried to achieve some sort of a diplomatic balance in the Middle East and achieve a peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. A noble goal, perhaps, but I don't think it is possible.

For all of my adult life, I have been reading about one Palestinian act of terror after another. There were the plane hijackings after the 1967 war. There was the Munich Olympics massacre. There were terror attacks on the Rome and Vienna airports, in which innocent Europeans were killed. There was the Achille Lauro boat hijacking in the 1980s in which Leon Klinghofer, an elderly American Jew in a wheelchair, was murdered and dumped overboard. Why was he singled out? Because he was an American Jew.

As the years passed,there were more plane hijackings, including one in Lenanon in which an American servicemen was killed in cold blood. There was the bombing of the American Embassy in Beirut and the Marine barracks in Lebanon.

In the past few years, we have witnessed the suicide bombings in Israel that have killed so many innocents on buses and in pizza parlors.

On 9-11, Palestinians danced in the streets, just as they are dancing in the streets at today's news of 8 seminary students being murdered in Israel.

In addition, Palestinians cannot even live peacefully with each other, as one faction kills the other over control of "Palestine".

I could write all night about the long list of senseless violent acts by Palestinians, and I would still leave out numerous outrages.

Tonight, I am asking myself- why does one American administration after another try so hard to bring about peace between Israel and people who do not want peace. The fact is that Palestinians do not want peace. They do not want a two-state solution. They want it all, and they want Israelis/Jews either killed or driven into the sea or exile. They, like their Arab brethren in neighboring lands, cannot accept the idea of a Jewish state in the region. What they want is for all of the area to become Palestine.

But if there is a two-state agreement, what kind of state would this Palestine be? A sovereign entity that will work to undermine its neighbor inch by inch? A state that will make deals and alliances with Iran, Libya and Syria? Will it be, in effect, a terrorist state that will conspire with America's enemies even while we pour in aid? I think the answer is clear.

The truth is that the Palestinians are no friends of ours, and we should stop pretending they are.

Sorry folks, you can call me a racist all you want, but I have concluded that these people are not capable of running a responsible and peaceful country. If I am proved wrong, I will apologize.

The truth is that the Middle East could have had two states back in 1948. That was the UN plan. It was rejected by the Arabs, who quickly went to war-and were defeated. They tried again in 1967 and 1973 and failed. So the Palestinians resort to killing innocents-women, old men and children. How courageous.

And what is the reaction of the World? The Europeans tremble in their boots, held hostage by their already volatile Muslim populations and their need for oil. The UN is openly hostile of Israel and condemns every act of self-defense or retaliation carried out by the Israelis. When Israel retaliates against this latest act of terror-as it will and should, the UN will pass another resolution condemning the Jewish state. To most of the Europeans and the UN, the Jews are always the "inconvenient people", standing in the way of friendly relations with the oil producing countries. Ironically, the Germans, given their unfortunate history, are probably Israel's best friend in Europe.

Here at home, we are allowing new generations of Muslim immigrants and their anti-American anarchist allies on college campuses to stir up racial hatred, not only against Israel, but against Jews-and against our own country as long as we support Israel's right to exist. On university campuses, Muslim Student groups hold regular rallies and bring in hate-filled speakers to denounce Israel, Jews and America, glorifying suicide bombers. My own campus at UC Irvine is a classic example. Just this week, the MSU is sponsoring yet another anti-Israel event with the usual suspects of radical speakers like Amir Abdel Malik Ali and Mohammed Al-Ali-documented anti-Semites. They are being joined in their tirades by a few radical professors. Meanwhile, the administration and faculty hide under their desks and talk about free speech-also taking verbal shots at those who dare to criticize.

So what do we do? Do we in the spirit of expediency, allow the Israeli people and nation to be thrown under the bus and ignore the murderous outrages? I say no.

It is time that the US, Europe and all nations who care about common decency and civilized behavior take a stand for Israel. No cause can justify the slaughter of innocents.

Personally, at this point, I don't care much what Israel does to protect its people against this wanton murder. I will support them. If and when the Isreali Defence Force succeeds in wiping out the terrorists, once and for all, I will be dancing in the street.

gary fouse
Irvine, Calif usa