Italy: Muslim anti-radicalism summit

Members of Italy's Muslim community met in Rome on Friday to find new ways to combat Islamic extremism.

It was the first meeting of its kind to be organised by the Association of Muslim Intellectuals.

"We placed attention on the need to implement strategies to prevent Islamic radicalism and foster initiatives that aim to create a more accurate image of Islam," said a statement by the organisation.

The event took place in Rome's main Mosque, which is the largest in Europe.

The group also said it would support an initiative by Pope Benedict XVI who intends to read the first chapter of Genesis from the Old Testament of the Bible in a televised speech scheduled for October.

"We are happy to participate in a moment of great religious and civil significance, together with our Christian and Jewish brothers," said Professor Ahmad Gianpiero Vincenzo, President of the association.

"It is an initiative that makes Rome, once again, a point of reference for the whole Abrahamic family of religions. Believing in the prophets of the Bible is an article of faith also for Muslims," said Karim Mezran, professor of the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Bologna, and Vice-President of the AIM group.

Source: AKI (English)

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