Netherlands/Belgium: Banning the Koran and Zionism

Two right-wing politicians Geert Wilders (Netherlands) and Jean Marie Dedecker (Belgium) were jointly interviewed in De Standaard, and among other things discussed banning the Koran and the relationship between Zionism and terrorism.

Brussels Journal translated the relevant parts.


Daphne said...

In objectives there is not much difference between Mein Kampf & the Koran. The main difference is that whereas Mein Kampf is the work of a racist psychopath Islam claims that racist psychopath to be god.
There is a good case not for banning the Koran but for expurgating it and cutting out all the racism, misogyny, homophobia incitement to violence and vile punishments meted out. Asdmittedly the Koran will not be very long but those parts that are exputgated will no longer have the authority used by terrorists.
I would also like to see any similar passages in the Bible expurgated. To claim god invokes such evil punishments is mistaking god for the devil.

Natasha said...

Banning the Koran or the Bible or any other book would simply fuel the strength of the moonbats,

you know, its Really simple. Good thing I'm not in power because I would have taken care of this shit long ago...only one way to deal with this medieval nonsense,

an iron heavy hand. No other way--put it like this, once when the Soviets had some balls, before they were taken over by sell outs, when the Islamists took Soviets as hostage,

the Soviets wasted NO time, not with diplomacy, not with kaka peace talks or deals,

they simply--just went in, and killed who ever had the hostages, their families, mailed in body parts,


They simply didn't take any shit---not the Soviets are gone, we have communists parties in Russia that are a frickin joke, socialists that are nothing but capitalist elite sell outs/cowards,

and the neo-liberals with brains turned to mush with years of dope and booze.

No wonder the Trojan Horse is not only here but flaunting their take over in front of our faces.

Let them have their Koran--just make it Clear, one move, one little move, even a wink of trying to infiltrate or overthrow--we do to you,

what you would do to us if we were doing this shit in Your Islamic Republics and we do so very publicly.

And then DO IT.

The problem is no leaders with any BALLS.

What Europe needs is some women leaders who are just down right Mean and don't take no shit. Honor killing, great,

we hang you up on a pole Maoist style in downtown square,

want to threaten laws in the Mosques, in our countries,

expect to burned down in it.

No nice, no pacifism, no tolerance,

sounds crazy huh---but you know, this is what they do to people ever damn day in their countries, and do you Think they CARE if the international world says,

oh thats insane? NO--they celebrate it in the streets,

and here we are, in the west, wringing our hands sipping tea debating whether or not we or they should ban the Koran or reform it while they take over and demand their medieval bullshit more and more using Our liberal laws to do it.

I say damnit bring back some of the vicious Queens if thats what it takes, and take no prisoners.

Told you, good think I'm not in power.


Natasha said...

good thing I'm not in power---sorry, keyboard needs replacing so forgive the numerous typos