Sweden: Terrorism deportee awarded millions in damages

Mohammed Alzery, one of two Egyptians deported from Bromma Airport by CIA agents in 2001, is to be awarded three million kronor ($500,000) in damages by the Swedish state.

Sweden's Chancellor of Justice Göran Lambertz agreed to the sum after consulting with Alzery's lawyers, Nyhetskanalen.se reports.

"He wanted a bit more but now they have agreed to this settlement. It is based on the suffering he endured during his deportation from Sweden and the torture he was exposed to in Egypt," Lambertz told news agency TT.

The Chancellor of Justice added that there was good reason to believe Alzery was telling the truth when he said he was tortured on his return to Egypt.

When asked whether three million kronor was a reasonable sum, Lambertz said it was "maybe a bit high."

"But it was important to reach an agreement with him and his lawyer and in that respect we thought it was a reasonable amount to pay," he said.

Mohammed Alzery and Ahmed Agiza were expelled from the country following a deportation order by the Swedish government. They were handed over to US agents at Bromma Airport in Stockholm and were flown to Egypt on an American government plane.

The Swedish government sent them back to Egypt despite having insufficient diplomatic guarantees that they would not be tortured upon his arrival, something for which Sweden has faced criticism, including from the UN Torture Committee.

Source: The Local (English)

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Anonymous said...

How on Earth is Sweden financially responsible for what despotic governments do to their own people? They were right to deport him. He actually supports it too, in a way. The only countries which did not sign on to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are Muslim countries which didn't do so in order so that they could maintain the the staus quo whereby women are systematically reduced to parasitic sex slave baby factories, raped, abused, and deprived of their freedom of movement. So for this guy to be tortured and be Muslim is really just him getting a taste of his own medicine. Justice would have been served if he had NOT received a dime.

This is precisely why I have problem holding terrorists at Guantanamo without trial and torturing them. It is what they asked for, since they are Muslims. If they are so desperate to deprive women of their most basic rights and dignities as to not sign on to the Geneva Convention and the UDHR, then what they get is precisely what they believe in. We're just applying their sick version of the Golden Rule to them and giving them what they asked for. They just thought that it would women who would be abused and robbed of their rights and freedom of movement. Justice, baby.