Denmark: New anti-Islam group might attract terrorist attacks

Khader was interviewed in Weekendavisen (DA).  I will translate the interview in the upcoming days.


Denmark will continue to be in the terrorists' sights, maintains Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen, former operative chief of PET, after parliament member Naser Khader created a new association of internationally famous Islam critics.  The association will make Copenhagen the epicenter of the fight against Muslim fanaticism.

"Now we don't know, what will be the outcome of the initiative, but it will mean that the existing serious threat against Denmark will continue and that Denmark will continue to be in the terrorist's sights," says Bonnichsen to the Ritzau news agency.

The association was created in a French chateau a month and half ago, but the name and members list have been kept secret for now, according to Weekendavisen Friday.  

"I think that the whole project shows how little confidence and trust they essentially have in Western values and our resilience.  But also how little trust they have in moderate Muslims' own ability to cope with the Islamists' totalitarian project," says the former secret service head

Source: BT (Danish)


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