France: Survey of Muslims

The majority of Muslims in France feel very integrated, support laicite and state financing of mosques and and also wearing the headscarf, according to a CSA survey published today in Le Monde des religions.

Do they feel Muslims and French?  14% answered they considered themselves "French first", 60% "as much French as Muslims" and 22% "Muslims first ".  (4% didn't answer)

Nevertheless, two thirds (66%) feel that there's "very strong hostility or fairly strong against Islam" in France.  By contrast, 28% feel a "somewhat weak" or "very weak" hostility.
Regarding laicite and the separation of Church and State, 75% support it (48% "very much" and 27 "somewhat")

Concerning Islamic law (Sharia), 38% answered that it shouldn't be applied in a non-Muslim country, 37% that should be partially implemented and adapted to the rules of the country where one lives.  In contrast, 17% believe that Sharia should be fully applied regardless of the country where one lives.

Should a woman be subjected to her husband?  68% don't agree with this opinion "at all", and 11% "somewhat" don't agree.

70% agree that polygamy should be banned for all people living in France, regardless of their religion, while 22% think on the contrary that it should be allowed for people whose religion permits it.

A quite large majority (78%) favor state financing for mosque construction in France.

70% favor wearing the headscarf (43% and 27%), for two reasons, a sign of submission by the wife towards her husband for some and affirmation of individual liberties in a Western society, for others.
Source: Le Figaro (France), h/t Bivouac ID

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