Hungary: Facts and analysis and Islamophobia

Translated by a reader from Hungarian news site Belfold.


This article is based on a press release from the Hungarian Muslim Community.

Facts and analysis and islamophobia in Hungary

Handling of immigrants

All earlier problems are existing today: scarce facilities for practicing the religion, lack of halal food. Only in one immigrants' camp provide this.

Handling of prisoners

We are trying to provide facilities for praying and food for the Muslims without much success so far. There are some prisons, where we can not enter at all.

We have two occasions when Muslim prisoners were abused. In one case someone took a prisoner's Quaran and shredded, an investigation is launched against the officer.

Public attitude

Contrary to the previous years, there were no Islamophobic statements from politicians, state and local government staff.

Very important development, that the Hungarian Secret Service tends to establish a good relationship with the Muslim community, abandoning broad statements of terrorist suspects which were only fueled fear against Muslims.

However, the bureaucracy successfully halted all our efforts to build a Mosque. The situation is hard to cope with: we have ca 12,000 – 15,000 Muslims in Budapest praying in flats. Some authorities even bother the owners of these premises not to use them for religious purposes.

It is a habit to celebrate each others holidays among the „historical churches" (it is a legal term in Hungary for churches established in the country for hundred years. Roman Catholic, Evangelic, Protestant and Jewish church have this status.), but they never celebrated Muslim holidays, contrary to several countries of the EU and the US. The Hungarian presence in Afghanistan does not involve any Muslim NGOs in spite of many application from them.

Wearing traditional Muslim dresses cause discrimination by employers, but this is hard to prove.


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Good, stay out of Hungary! You have your own countries which sukk cause they are filled with Muslims, stay there!

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this is very bad . i m student of hungarian studies.but i will now leave this study as i m muslim and i wanted 2 visit hungary.

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