Sweden: Hijab a problem for getting a job

Sweden: Hijab a problem for getting a job

Employers are skeptical about employing women with a hijab, according to an experiment by Swedish radio station P3 Nyheter.

Two fictional job-seekers - Emma Svensson and Evin Ziadi - applied for the same jobs with 200 different employers in Sweden. The girls' CVs were similar.

Emma was contacted by 35 employers, and Evin only by 8. The employers couldn't explain why they contacted Emma and not Evin.

According to the Swedish study, 70% of the companies said they didn't want employees to wear the hijab or turban on the job. Small companies were most skeptical about the idea of employees wearing religious headdress. The study asked 1300 small and medium large companies what they preferred and disliked about potential employees. 40% said it was unthinkable they'll employ somebody with religious headdress, 32% said they preferred not to employ such people.

Sources: Aftenposten (Norwegian), Metro Jobb (Swedish)