Austria: Prosecution investigating FPÖ muezzin-shooting game

Austria: Prosecution investigating FPÖ muezzin-shooting game

Via Austrian Times:

The Styrian Greens have reported the Freedom Party (FPÖ) for agitation over a computer game in which the player must shoot at mosques and kill muezzins [ed: with little stop signs].

The FPÖ’s Styrian branch is identified as creator of the online game called "Moschee ba ba" (Bye, bye mosque). After the gamer has demolished a sufficient number of mosques a statement appears saying: "Styria is full of minarets and mosques. So that this doesn’t happen (in reality): Vote Gerhard Kurzmann and the FPÖ!"


The online game urges the player to stop green and red muezzins – a possible hint to the Greens and the Social Democrats (SPÖ) which comes just days after federal FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache called the SPÖ an "Islamist party".

FPÖ Styria boss Gerhard Kurzmann defended the controversial PC competition by claiming it was making people aware of a situation "existing in Europe for a long time."