Belgium: "Belgium is no Eldorado"

Belgium: "Belgium is no Eldorado"

Via VRT:

Belgium's brand new Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Maggie De Block (Flemish liberal), presented her policy document to lawmakers on Wednesday. Ms De Block wants to come down hard on abuse of Belgium's asylum system and encourage voluntary repatriation when appropriate.

The Asylum Secretary also announced the speedy creation of a new closed asylum centre as well as a new centre for illegal delinquents.


The Asylum Secretary identified the priorities of her policy: limiting the asylum procedure to six months and short shrift for people who apply for asylum for a second time. She was also keen to stress that Belgium is no Eldorado: "Putting asylum seekers up in hotels has to stop. There has to be an end to the enormous fines that the courts impose on us by the day."