Denmark: Muslims against 'Ministry of Attitudes to Life'

Denmark: Muslims against 'Ministry of Attitudes to Life'

Via Politiken:
The Socialist People’s Party Group Chairwoman Pernille Vigsø Bagge has said she would like to see the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs change its name to the Ministry of Attitudes to Life, but the proposal has not immediately won much support among politicians. (source)

Via Avisen (Danish):

The Islamic Faith-Society doesn't support the change either.

Spokesperson Imran Shah told Newspaq: "I think this is the wrong signal to send to the rest of the nation. It's misunderstood tolerance."

Imran Shah says that when he heard the suggestion "I thought she didn't properly understand the task, which we as a society face, when we want multiple faith-societies in a larger unit, with the best of intentions."

He says this shows the actual challenges are underestimated. "It looked as if she tried with a name-change to forget everything on how to create the appropriate frameworks for cooperation between faith communities and the Ministry."

He says it's a step in the wrong direction, since it portrays Muslims in Denmark as people who just have demands. "We live in Denmark and the constitution is based on Christianity, we should stick to that and I don't think there are any impediments at all for it to be called the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs. The name is completely insignificant."

He says he hopes the debate will cause politicians to think twice before they open their mouths.