Morocco: Sex for a European husband

Morocco: Sex for a European husband

Via nieuwsblad (Dutch):

Poor Moroccan girls are willing to do everything in order to get a European husband.

Said, a 21 year old tourist in Tangier says there's no talk of love, he says of the flirting in the streets of Tangier between locals and European-born youth. "In Morocco marriage has become big business. Singles no longer look for a beloved, but for somebody who will inject capital into their lives. Poverty is consuming this country, it makes its residents unemotional materialists. There is no future here for the Arab Romeo and Juliet."

Many dream of a life in another country, preferably overseas. Some adventurers flee at nights by boat to Spain. Whoever fears the water, tries hooking somebody from Europe. Tangier in particular is flooded in the summer by Moroccans from abroad, to the delight of many poor Moroccan girls. Without any diversions they offer money or sex for European residence permits.

Naima from Antwerp: "In the nightclub I met a Moroccan girl from Casablanca. Very quickly she asked me how much my brothers would cost. I answered her that my brothers weren't for sale, but she kept on pressing. She wanted to get out of Morocco. She was tired of the country and was looking for a boy from Europe. I joked that one of my brothers is asking for 10,000 euro. She couldn't pay that, she said seriously. After that she asked if we couldn't get to an agreement some other way."

Ahmed, a twenty-something from Brussels, is passing through Tangier. He's constantly confronted with desperate bartering: a night out for papers, sex for the right documents.. these are proposals boys from Europe often get.

"Ad nauseum," says Ahmed. "And every year it gets worse. They see as as walking residence permits." He says the girls aren't ashamed of what they do at nights. "It's downright disgusting and shocking. For some money or a false promise you get everything by Moroccan chicks. They're whores!"

The older generation of Moro0ccans thinks the youth living in Europe are no good. "They're westernized, also in their sexual behavior," says Fatima (70) from Tangier. "The foreigners imported their uninhibited sexual mores to Morocco and turn our youth onto the wrong path."

Of course there are differences in sexual mores between Morocco and Europe. 86% of the women in Morocco feel sexually intimated on the streets. The journalist says she herself got lewd comments multiple times while she was out. Even pregnant women aren't exempt, and her pregnant niece was accosted by a disturbed man. [Ed: this article is summarized and I did not feel like translating all the comments]

Everything in Morocco is done secretively, and Moroccan society shuts their eyes, for fear of family or sex scandals. "And yet the Moroccans insist that their country is not sexually depraved. I'm irritated to no end by the hypocrisy," says a Brussels woman. "In the hotel my friend and I can't sleep in the same room because we aren't married, but the Saudi sex-tourists can get Moroccan whores sent up to their room. The petro-dollars are suddenly above any modesty law. Sex tourism is flourishing like never before in Morocco. I see it with my own eyes, Morocco is a second Thailand.