Copenhagen: Terror arrests

It's unclear who exactly was arrested and the Danish news sources are not giving out any information. I can understand not releasing information about suspects, but in this case - nobody even asks WHY anybody was planning a terror attack. Given the way politically-correct is usually convoluted, this is probably another way of saying "they're Muslims, what's the question?"

The Glostrup and Vollsmose cases mentioned below were both Islamic terror plots, but Danish news is very careful not to mention that.

A handful of people suspected of planning a terror attack were arrested Monday night in several co-ordinated actions throughout the Greater Copenhagen area.

National Emergency Management Agency personnel and other explosives experts accompanied the police in two of the searches. Their participation indicates that police suspected there were explosives present.

According to the Police Intelligence Service, the suspects had been under surveillance for an extended period of time.

Monday's arrests are the third time law enforcement officials have acted to break up suspected terror rings. The first was 2005.

The trial involving the second group is scheduled to begin later this week.

Source: Copenhagen Post (English)

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