Islamic Society in Denmark: Send all immigrants home

.. from Israel


Kasem Ahmed, spokesman for the Islamic Society in Denmark is willing to recognize Israel, when all Jewish immigrants who had come to Israel after 1948, and their descendants, will be sent back to their homelands.

"All Jewish immigrants in Israel will emigrate from Israel. They will go out again and back to their homeland. When that happens, we can talk of recognizing a state. It is possible that it will not be called Israel," said Kasem Ahmed in an interview to Jyllands-Posten.

In their place, he will bring in Palestinian refugees and their decedents.


A few points to consider:
1. Almost all Jews who emigrated to Israel from Arab countries did so after 1948. Ahmed is therefore calling for the repatriation of all Arab Jews.

2. It is interesting that Ahmed talks only about the Jewish immigrants to Israel. Would he say the same of the Arab immigrants?

3. I think it is very stupid for an immigrant to call for the ousting of all immigrants (and their descendants), from any country.

Source: Jyllands-Posten (Danish), h/t Hodja (Danish)


Beaman said...

Crazy man. He's either dense or purposely ignoring history. Most likely the latter.

Anonymous said...

So Kasem Ahmed should himself come back to the country he came from !

Snouck said...


Snouck said...

Kepiblanc wrote on GoV about the reaction from the Danish public:
"But — lo and behold — the next day the entire page of letters to the editor came up with exclusively identical opinions, namely as follows: “Let us take Mr. Ahmed seriously and deport every single Muslim from Denmark and send them home to whence they came — then we can talk”. No second opinions, not a single one. Not even a “moderate, politically correct” letter. All of them demanding: “Muslims out of Denmark”."

Muwahahaha! Thank you God! For making our enemies look like clowns!