Netherlands: Trouble with Moroccan criminal youth

Klein Verzet is following up on this story as well.

In Utrecht mayor Annie Brouwer will set up a prohibition on gathering in a part of Kanaleiland-Noord. The situation is getting out of control according to a mayor spokesperson on "4 in het land" program.

The problem of criminal youth in the neighborhood is so big that the police say during the show that "there's no proper answer" for it.

The chief of police and the mayor say in the show that security could be brought back to the neighborhood only if problem children would be forcibly removed from their families already when they're about twelve, and placed in special educational centers

The program "4 in het land" spent several weeks investigating in Kanaleneiland-Noord after the municipality put up fences around a senior home in order to cut off escape routes for criminals on scooters.

The camera crew was chased out of the neighborhood three times by groups of youth, within five minutes. The first time a company car was destroyed and camera equipment was stolen In the following attempt a reporter was pelted with stones. On the third attempt the crew had to flee when a group of youth stormed the car and smashed it up. The editors of the show then decided to interview the residents undercover. Residents told the reporters that they didn't call the police anymore since the youth then get back at them.

Mayor Brouwer is setting aside money to bring in more agents to the neighborhood, but according to the mayor and the police the struggle won't be won just by more police.

The situation of Moroccan youth in Tilburg, meanwhile, is "alarming". The group of 12-16 year olds is described by the municipality 2006 report as "trouble makers, criminals and radical Muslims."

The municipality has now decided to deal with the Moroccans in the same way they have dealt with Antillean youth, who are rigidly counseled and coached.

"But without the Moroccan community itself we can do nothing," says Jan Hamming, responsible for integration in the municipality. "Luckily the Moroccan community in Tilburg realizes on its own that something must happen. It goes well with most kids, but if one in three ends up a criminal than that's simply not possible."

There are about 5,000 Moroccans in Tilburg, most of whom live in Tiburg-Noord and Tilburg-West. There are about 4,000 Antillean in the city. things have gone systematically wrong with those youth as well.

Hamming says that the direct approach and supervising of the Antillean problem youth since 2005 has had effect. According to the municipality school dropout rate went down by 67%, unemployment by 62% and there's a drop in criminality (22% less).

"In spite of it the criminality continued to be above average," says Hamming. Antillean youth are still the highest represented in (hard) criminality such as street robberies, theft and violence.

Moroccan and Antillean youth who have gotten in trouble with the police are also more likely to get into trouble again. Almost half get in trouble with the law a second or third time.

Seeing the results of coaching the Antilleans, in which slowly but surely they have improved their results at school and in society, the municipality believes that Moroccans would also benefit from a stricter approach.

Hamming says that the tide can be turned with family coaches, personal guidance and help of their own environment. Tilburg is investing almost 2 million euro in both projects.

Though the new approach will deal especially with boy and somewhat older Moroccan youth, the municipality warns that the girls are also in a bad position. They do not fall to criminality and have relatively higher education, "but also they have problem with finding their place in society. They're also confronted with identity problems, prejudices and social exclusion."

Sources: (Dutch), Brabants Dagblad (Dutch)

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Fatso said...

Wouldn't it be far easier to kick out the families of any migrants engaged in this sort of behaviour? I gather the Swiss are about to vote on the issue and start doing just that - throwing out the vermin back from where they came.

It's interesting also that it's always trouble from "foreign" youths from third world countries and not the Dutch kids. Just proves to me that we in Europe need to start cleaning the vermin and rubbish out and back to the third world!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with robertocarlo. It would be far cheaper for the Dutch to buy these vemin one way tickets to Morocco or whichever Islamic hellhole they or their parents came from. Otherwise, the green slime will bankrupt the cities and towns with welfare fraud and extra policing needed.

Anonymous said...

Why bother with the Dutch...or any country in Eurabia, for that matter? Those clowns know exactly what needs to be done. However, they've degenerated into complete and utter physical and moral cowardice. As a consequence, they deserve their ultimate fate - which is inevitable.

pat said...

The Muslims have a religious duty to colonize. They start with harassement, then proceed to petty crime, extortion, rape and burglary. The murder. This is taught in all the Mosques.The idea is to establish Islamic areas, then sharia. The vast majority of Muslims have absolute hatred for whites, Christians, Jews, and non-believers. This seems so confusing to you.

Unknown said...

The word "YOUTH" means a person who has not yet reached the age of majority. Given the demographic makeup of your country, I must assume that you are referring to the children of Catholics, Lutherans, other Christians, and athiests. Unless Western bloggers (along with the public at large) can develop the stones to call the enemy by name, they deserve the horrific death that is certainly comming soon. The only entity that an Islamist hates more than an infidel is a cowardly infidel. It is a tragedy watching Eurabia throw away the great civilization that countless generations sacrificed to build. All that efort and sacrifice wasted!

Goodbye Europe.

Anonymous said...

Eurabia deport all Muslims now and save yourself before it is too late! The shocking part of the story is not the criminal Muslim youth, it is the stupidity and pacifism of the Europeans who do not expel Muslims from their midst. This little village is simply getting a foretaste of the next generation of more violent Muslims who believe tht Islam will rule Europe in their lifetime! Deprtation is far cheaper and is 100% effective.