Netherlands: Moroccans ready to take over underworld

A group of young Moroccans is ready to take over the criminal underworld in the Netherlands. Outgoing head of investigation in Amsterdam Willem Woelders said this in an interview with the AD on Wednesday,

"Five years ago they were small time criminals, starting out in their own neighbourhoods, but now they are working nationally. They commit major burglaries and don't shy away from using violence," Woeders says.

Not only the Moroccans are eager to rule the criminal world, the sons of the current generation of criminals are also vying to be on top, the head of investigation at the Amsterdam police says.

He is referring to the children of John Mierement and others. "In a number of cases the adage "like father, like son" proves true. These boys grew up in a particular environment. That has had an effect."

Woelders, who will become deputy head of police in Utrecht, concludes that the older generation of Amsterdam criminal kingpins is gradually being knocked down.

"There are still a few people around, but within two years this generation will be gone. Some have been killed off, the rest is on the run or in prison," says Woelders. He served as head of investigation in the capital from 1991.

Source: Expatica (English)

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