Sweden: Jordan condemns cartoons

"How would Swedes feel if Jesus were depicted in such an degrading manner? Then imagine that the reaction in a country such as Egypt, Jordan or Syria, where there is a much tougher economic and political situation."

"My own reaction, and that of many educated, middle-class people, is anger, as it's such a trivial thing that may cause harm."

Mahmoud el Abed, managing Editor of the Jordan Times, trying to explain why Jordan condemned the publication of a Mohammed cartoon in an independent newspaper in Sweden. 

The Local did not ask el Abed if he had actually seen the cartoon in question.  (I'm sure Nerikes Allehanda is sold in every Jordanian kiosk).  The Jordan Times, btw, apparently did not report about it.

So, how would Swedes react if the Jordan Times depicted Jesus (or Swedes) in a degrading manner?  I doubt they would know, or care.  After all, it's such a trivial issue, why waste time about it?

Source: The Local (English)


Anonymous said...

I thought Jesus was also a Prophet to mulsimes

Anonymous said...

Muhammad claimed Jesus to be a prophet to Islam but how could he be. Jesus said to those about to stone the adulteress "Let him without sine cast the first stone"

Muhammad exhorts his followers to flog & stone adulterers.

Both of them can't be a prophet to the same god. There must be two gods.

fakirpena said...

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Anonymous said...

Muslims ask why we don't understand how offensive it is for them to see their prophet mocked.
Muslims have come to western countries where freedom of speech and the freedom to mock is as essential to our beliefs as the prophet is to them.
When I go to a muslim country I respect their beliefs and do not mock their prophet. When they come to our country they must recognise that our values are as important to us as theirs are to them. People haver died for the right to criticise. We should not go back to a state where books are burnt because they offend. That way lies fascism.