Netherlands: Pill to replace hymen repair

The University Medical Center of Utrecht (UMC) is going to offer a pill as an alternative for hymen repair operations. The pill is a trick for Muslim women and girls to copy the bleeding of first sexual contact, the hospital reported Wednesday.

The vaginal suppository causes after a half hour a "slimy red secretion", says gynecologist Ineke van Seumeren.

UMC Utrecht receives about 20 requests annually from girls of Turkish and Moroccan origin to undergo a hymen repair. About half of the requests are accepted, says Van Seumeren.

Van Seumeren emphasizes during consultations that most women don't or rarely bleed during the first time. She says she offers them the pills as an alternative.

The gynecologist also says that the hymen is not a skin that must be pierced but rather a flexible tissue. About 60% of girls lose blood on the first time because the area is torn, but that happens to a varying degree. 40% of women don't notice anything the first time.

Source: (Dutch)

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Unknown said...

ooh few blood drops may save a lot.
how effective is those pills, were to buy, and at what price?

Esther said...

Hi crmy,

The 'pill' is really a vaginal suppository.

Look at my FAQ for more info.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for the fact that I'm wide awake, I'd assume this was some sort of dream. Suppositories to make women's va-jay-jays look like they're bleeding? What kind of a degenerate, retarded, cruel and unusual culture would...oh, right nevermind.
The only good thing about this is that I suppose suppositories are significantly cheaper than an operation, both of which would inevitably be funded by the Dutch taxpayer.
But the bigger issue is that immigrants should be educated when they come to live in the First World, not given the impression that their backward, nutty customs are somehow compatible with or acceptable in conjunction with the customs and laws of the host.