Denmark: 65% fear race-riots

Denmark: 65% fear race-riots

Almost two-thirds of Danes fear that the current conflict between the Hells Angels and immigrant gangs will develop into a regular racial conflict, according to a Megafon poll for Politiken and TV2.

Some 65 percent of those asked say that they fear that the gang war will develop into race riots, street warfare and general unrest.

Police authorities, however, do not believe that race riots are a likely scenario in Denmark.

"But I can understand that people are worried. I would urge people to look at what is actually happening, rather than listening to the rhetoric from the various parties to the conflict. There is no basis for the concern that people are showing - the conflict between the gangs and bikers is about crime and not race," says Kim Klever of the National Investigation Centre (NEC).

The opinion poll comes a week after the Hells Angels published its 'Jackal Manifesto' - a controversial statement in which the group says that the ongoing gang war is not about criminal markets but rather a defence against 'a mentality found predominantly among certain young people with an immigant background - called 'jackals' by HAMC.'


Source: Politiken (English)

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