Hague: Protesters throw stones at Chinese embassy

Hague: Protesters throw stones at Chinese embassy

Update: Videos of the protesters here and here.

26 of the protesters are still in jail, after being caught on camera committing vandalism. 116 were fined for disturbing the public order and freed home.


A demonstration of Uighurs in the Hague by the Chinese embassy got out of hand. The police arrested 142 demonstrators and brought them to police headquarters. According to a spokesperson the demonstrators refused to follow instructions and threw stones at the building.

The demonstrators were protesting the police of China in East-Turkestan. East Turkestan is the name used by Uighurs for the Xinjiang region in the People's Republic of China.

According to the police the agents standing in front of the embassy fence just avoided the stones. The agents then prevented the demonstrators from climbing over the fence. The police then decided to arrest all demonstrators on suspicion of violence in public. A police spokesperson said in explanation that a line was crossed by throwing stones. One demonstrator was injures.

The arrested demonstrators were evacuated with police and city vehicles. They were still at the station Monday evening. The police formed a team of 25 investigators to investigate who did what and whether there are any people who have not done anything.

In total about 100 agents were called in. Most demonstrators did not resist the evacuation of the area around the embassy. These included men and women, young and old. The Haaglanden police received help from the riot police. Police dogs and horses were also used.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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