Quote: The 80%

Quote: The 80%

"We estimate about 10% of our Islamic population are in a dynamic of rejection of the west and Europe, 10% are more European than the Europeans, and about 80% are in the middle, just trying to get by," said Alain Bauer, a criminologist and security adviser to President Nicolas Sarkozy. "The concern is less home-grown or imported terrorists, but states such as Iran," he said.

The Guardian, Fears of an Islamic revolt in Europe begin to fade


[Like most articles on the subject, this one cherry-picks its facts to prove its point.  Europe is not facing an 'Islamic revolt', but it has serious problems with immigration, with integrating a continuous stream of third world immigrants, and with radicalization among European Muslims and converts to Islam.  The reason there have been no terror attacks in Europe has less to do with lack of will on the part of Islamic extremists than with swift action on the part of the security services.]

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