Denmark: Gangsters vs. The Jackals

Denmark: Gangsters vs. The Jackals

A few days ago the Danish Hell's Angels club published what they call the "Jackal Manifesto 2008" (Available on their site in Danish, and translated to English by Gates of Vienna)

In this manifesto they come out against the attitude of certain immigrant youth, which they call 'jackals', specifically aiming at Muslims. This manifesto was published in the wake of an escalating gang-war between Hell's Angels and their offshoot AK81 and immigrant gangs in the Danish city of Odense (see Copenhagen Post)


As per the GoV translation:

Most jackals are of immigrant background, but a few "mad dogs" of Danish ethnicity are around. They have either grown up in the wrong spot, or have been attracted by the respect (read: fear) that jackals, and to a high degree police and the press, have created around the jackal way of life.

The vast majority of jackals are Muslims, at least when at home at their fathers or speaking with the priest. They pretend to believe in God and that they follow the Quran. They often invoke Allah — in particular when in prison or when alone and scared. In daily life, however, they often fail to follow the true way of the faith: They smoke hashish, take drugs, commit crime, drink alcohol, fight, swear, commit adultery, and they most certainly cannot be blamed for NOT engaging in usury! The only rules from their faith that most follow are to abstain from eating pork and to attempt to observe Ramadan as well as they can. Apart from that, God and the guidelines of faith are merely consolation used when away from the security of the pack. This kind of faith and consolation are used by the leaders of the packs as a tool for power and to keep the crowd together when there is no other kind of sense behind their desires.


This paragraph has been used to show that HA are anti-Muslim, but it seems to me that they're complaining that the immigrant gang members are not Muslim enough (they drink, they commit adultery, they engage in usury etc.). For some reason nobody asks them about it. Nor did I see anybody wonder why they decided to publish this manifesto, supposedly from 2008, only now.


In any case, the Copenhagen Post reports on the manifesto:


Experts said the manifesto, coupled with Nielsen's recent appearance on a popular morning television show, were attempts to sway the popular mood towards Hells Angels by creating an 'us versus them' mentality.

Associate professor of sociology Michael Hviid Jacobsen of Aalborg University said that the move is part of a campaign to recruit young people to Hells Angels.

'To that end, he makes himself, the other Hells Angels and the Danish public the victims when he talks about us having been subjected to violence by immigrants,' said Jacobsen.

'At the same time it's very dangerous to play the ethnic card because it will act as a red flag to the immigrant groups. The risk of the conflict escalating is probable,' explained the sociologist.

Chief superintendent Per Larsen of the Copenhagen Police said Nielsen was not helping the situation.

'Jønke is fanning the flame, but in our view at the moment this is not about an ethnic conflict,' said Larsen.



I partially summarized the DPP (Danish People's Party) response:

A political manifesto from the gangster group Hell's Angels (HA), comparing certain young Muslims to jackals is an attempt to divert the public's attention from the war on drugs, but the manifesto paints a picture of immigrant brutes that many Danes can regonize, says Peter Skaarup, the Danish People's Party justice spokesperson.

Skaarup says there's no doubt that what was written by HA, comes close to what many Danes see of un-integrated immigrant brutes when they meet and hear them. There are some who live in a parallel society and who aren't receptive to common sense. He says that the point where he thinks people are losing it is when they say that because of that they can liquidate all the immigrants.

Asked if it's a fair description to say that the manifesto resonates by some Danes, Skaarup says that it's of course generalizing and narrow-minded, but that many Danes do see themselves in some of what it describes. There are some who don't listen to general common sense and act very un-Danish.

Though Hell's Angels distance themselves from racism, the group writes in the so-called 'jackal manifest' very derogatorily of a group of youth who don't 'respenct kindness', 'hate Danes' and 'terrorize' children and youth. Accordnig to the gangsters, they are often of Arab or Muslim background.

"They despise Danish girls, their independence and liberalism, except if they do what they're asked to do, go with them or convert to Islam," according to the manifesto.

Peter Skaarup thinks the gangsters have changed strategy. Throughout the gang war they denied there's a war. Now they're acting as if there is a war, and it's an attempt to deflect attention, from the police's side too, since the police are coming down on them.

Source: TV2 (Danish)

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