Finland: Children sent to parents' homeland for 'de-westernization'

Finland: Children sent to parents' homeland for 'de-westernization'

In some cases Finnish youth of immigrant background were forced to go to countries the Finnish Foreign Ministry considers dangerous (YLE, SE).  That is, in some cases immigrants who came to Finland seeking refuge and claiming their lives were in danger in their homeland, are now sending their children back to avoid Finnish cultural influences.   


Officials say they are learning of an increasing number of cases in which immigrant parents in Finland are forcibly sending teens back to their home countries to de-westernize them.

The Finnish Red Cross as well as social welfare offices say that every year dozens of parents who believe their children are becoming too westernized send their offspring back to African, Asian and Middle Eastern states.

Leena-Kaisa Åberg, head of the refugee and immigration section at the Finnish Red Cross, says school teachers rarely question the sudden absence of students with immigrant backgrounds.


Source: YLE (English)

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