Denmark: Passport confiscation against 'reeducation' trips

Denmark: Passport confiscation against 'reeducation' trips

Muslim children sent by family members to the parents' native countries for the purpose of 're-education' may soon face having their passports confiscated, according to Berlingske Tidende newspaper.

A majority in parliament – represented by all government opposition parties and the usual government ally Danish People's Party – reportedly supports the idea of revoking passports for those would-be travellers suspected of being returned for re-education in an effort to curb the phenomenon.

The practice of sending children back to their parents' homeland for long periods, often with their mothers, is common among the more conservative Muslim populations in Europe. It is supposedly aimed at instilling proper values and respect into the young people, but often results in them developing more fundamentalist and anti-Western attitudes.

According to the Foreign Ministry, 14 cases of re-education have been documented so far this year, but experts believe the true figure is far greater.

The proposal to take away passports in these instances was put forth by the Social Liberals, who believe the move is not punishment but protection for the young people.


Source: Copenhagen Post (English)

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