Amsterdam: Sexual health course for clergymen

Amsterdam: Sexual health course for clergymen

Via AD (Dutch):

The Amsterdam municipal health center (GGD) is organizing, together with six religious leaders, training for clergymen on sexual health.

The six-day course was developed together with the six Christian, Hindu and Muslim leaders. Meant to 'train the trainer', the clergymen will learn how they should handle questions from their followers about such things as sexuality and HIV.

According to the Amsterdam GGD, the course will allow religious leaders to train their colleagues on how to enable discussion with their followers on sexual health. The religious leaders could prepare their colleagues to become trainers themselves in the future.

The GGD developed the course since a number of organizations in the city said their projects for promoting sexual health weren't working out because sexuality was not something discussable, also from a religious point of view. The GGD hopes to deal with this with the new course.