Berlin: Viennese Islamist starts new Jihadi group

Berlin: Viennese Islamist starts new Jihadi group

"Wanted by the Islamic court for Truth and Justice for War-Crimes against Muslims"
(Millatu-Ibrahim site)
Note that Merkel, the only woman, is pixalized

Via The New York Times:

Mohamed Mahmoud, a 26-year-old Austrian, wears a traditional white tunic and a light-brown hat and keeps his hair long, as is the tradition in the Pashtun tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Only his camouflage vest and dark-blue sneakers place him in the modern world here in Europe, which he re-entered Sept. 12 after serving a four-year prison sentence for joining and actively supporting Al Qaeda and its affiliates.

It is a world that he says he could easily leave again. “I want to send the message that I am ready to die for my religion any time,” he said in an interview last month, his first since his release. “I have nothing to lose in life. Today I know that demonstrations and protests don’t help, and today I know that the West is lying about its freedom of speech and human rights.”


Out of prison, Mr. Mahmoud is now preparing to settle down in Berlin and has started a new group, called Millatu-Ibrahim, whose goals, he said, would be to “preach the word of Allah, fight for the better treatment and release of especially female Islamist prisoners.” He has already secured prominent supporters like Abou Maleeq, the former rapper “Deso Dogg.”