Sweden: Naked man in 'pot-fuelled' train sex attack

Sweden: Naked man in 'pot-fuelled' train sex attack

(picture via VG)

Göteborgs-Posten originally reported the man said he was a Somali fighter (h/t Mitt Sverige):
This information was scrubbed from the article. Some Swedish papers still report he said he was a 'fighter'.

Via the Local:
A 30-year-old man from western Sweden has been detained after he stripped down naked and started asking people to have sex with him before attacking a female passenger and a conductor on a train traveling in central Sweden.

The incident occurred last Saturday on a train travelling from Gothenburg to Örebro in central Sweden, the Göteborgs-Posten (GP) newspaper reported.

According to police, the man smoked marijuana somewhere between Herrljunga and Skövde, after which he began behaving erratically.

“He got high during the trip, he threatened and assaulted a conductor and he assaulted a woman,” police spokesperson Lars Johansson told the paper.