Brussels: North Africans ambushed tourists, says Scot tourist

Brussels: North Africans ambushed tourists, says Scot tourist

Via VRT:

Yesterday, reported that there were a total of four violent incidents on the Brussels metro on Saturday evening. One of the incidents quoted was a fight involving a group of British tourists and North African youths.

Having read yesterday's article, Mr Calum Sellars of Glasgow, Scotland has given us his account of Saturday evening’s incident on the platform of the Clemenceau metro station in Anderlecht.


“Firstly, the majority of our group were actually females (there were only 7-8 males in the group). Secondly, four of these females were seriously assaulted. One was hit with a glass bottle, the other with a brick and another was punched in the face. The fourth girl was rushed to hospital because a piece of glass had cut her eye and it was thought at one point that she would have to have surgery.”

Mr Sellars goes on to write that there were far more than ten North Africans involved and that he believes that the attack was planned.

“It was completely unprovoked and CCTV images will certainly confirm this. While our group tried to defend ourselves we were constantly bombarded with bricks and glass bottles.”