Brussels: Preparations for Eid ul-Adha

The Brussels government will provide the same facilities on Eid ul-Adha on December 20th as in 2006, so that the Muslim community will be able to slaughter sheep in a legal manner. A brochure in four languages explains all the information.

Specifically, financial support is being given to the municipalities of Anderlecht, City of Brussels, Schaarbeek and Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. These four municipalities will again organize a temporary slaughterhouse with capacity for more than 500 sheep, said the Brussels State Secretary for Public Order Emir Kir. Private slaughterhouses will also be set up to keep the sheep slaughter on Eid ul-Adha organized.

In addition, Net Brussel will give out 60,000 brochures through the municipalities and the mosques. The brochure will be printed in four languages (French, Dutch, Arabic and Turkish) and will contain information about the four municipal slaughterhouses and the private slaughter houses available within a 50 km radius of the Brussels Region. The brochure will also remind people that home slaughter is forbidden.

Source: Brussels Nieuws (Dutch)

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